Episode 100! A Live Meetup Event with guests Joaquin Cotler, Rashan Casseus, & Gabby Wallace — The Busy Creator Podcast 100

The Busy Creator 100 Live

That went quickly! Listen in to our live event where we commemorate 100 episodes of The Busy Creator Podcast and remark on the journey. This event was a crossover with the New York City Podcast Meetup, recorded at Small City Co-working space in Brooklyn.

Joining Prescott on stage are musician Joaquin Cotler (@ShinyIslands), UX designer Rashan Casseus (@rcassues) & video publisher/entrepreneur Gabby Wallace (@GabbyAWallace). Together we discuss daily practice, creating projects and nurturing them over time, and our own experiences with podcasting.

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There and Back Again, Craig Ward Discusses Joining A Large Agency After Years of Successful Solo Practice — The Busy Creator Podcast 99

The Busy Creator 99 w/Craig Ward

Craig Ward (@MrCraigWard) is a designer, art director, typographic artist, and author currently living in Brooklyn, NY. A UK native, he came to New York in 2009 shortly after being selected as an ADC Young Gun.

As a solo act, Craig created projects for Adobe, Squarespace, Calvin Klein, Google, Nike, and host of other large brands across entertainment, fashion, media, and consumer products. Lately, he’s rejoined the agency world.

In this conversation, we discuss the culture clash between a large company and a solo practice, the economics behind design (large and small), and where agencies can still innovate in spite of their size.

Catch up with Craig on his personal website, Words Are Pictures.

Cover photo by Jonathan Pilkington.

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Going Hollywood, How Brittany Cormack Thrives as a Costume Designer Amid the Madness of Show Biz — The Busy Creator Podcast 98

The Busy Creator 98 w/Brittany Cormack

Brittany Cormack is a costume designer for film and television. Following her training in fashion and dance, Brittany arrived in Los Angeles without a clue how to work in the movie business, but has since found her groove. She works primarily on independent films, commercials, and music videos, but every day is an adventure.

Work has taken her from frozen mountains to coastal swamps, and everywhere in between. In this conversation, we discover how movie sets work, what happens when everyone is freelance, and where to build habits even during crazy periods.

Catch up with Brittany on her IMDB page or Portfolio.

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Practical Typographic Advice and Building an Education Business Alongside a Design Firm with Michael Stinson — The Busy Creator Podcast 97

The Busy Creator 97 w/Michael Stinson

Michael Stinson (@MWStinson) is a veteran designer, educator, and business owner. In addition to his work as a professor of graphic design, he also runs Ramp Creative, a branding studio in Los Angeles, as well as Type Ed, a dedicated typographic education business which helps creative pros return to form in the fields of typesetting and layout.

Together in this conversation we unravel some of today’s worst typographic habits, and how to overcome them, share a few tips that all creatives can use to improve their type usage, and discuss some processes for working with clients.

Catch up with Michael on his website, MichaelStinson.com, or through Type Ed.

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Becoming a Multi-Faceted Creative, and The Movie-Making Process with Filmmaker & Podcaster David Power — The Busy Creator Podcast 96

The Busy Creator 96 w/David Power

David Power (@davidpowerNYC) is a multi-purpose creative pro based in Brooklyn, NY. Since moving to New York, he’s worked in music recording & production, written several business books, penned screenplays, and helped write and perform in comedy films. His latest project is a podcast documentary of how a feature film is made.

Our conversation covers creative practices and routines, as well as the often-nebulous world of film & video, including how to collaborate on a script and using crowdfunding to launch projects at scale.

Catch up with David on his website, DavidPower.com, or through his show, SureFirePodcast.com

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Business Lessons for Creative Entrepreneurs & How to Launch an Online Community with Designer, Coach & Podcaster Kathleen Shannon — The Busy Creator Podcast 95

The Busy Creator 95 w/Kathleen Shannon

Kathleen Shannon (@AndKathleen) is a graphic designer and brand strategist, and co-founder of Being Boss, a podcast and community for creative entrepreneurs. Kathleen began as a staff art director, but learned entrepreneurial habits working on her side projects and blogging. She’s now seeking to become a media mogul and serve the creative community.

In this conversation, we discuss the origins of Being Boss, how Kathleen learned systematic behaviour and stays organised, and the common mindsets of creative entrepreneurs.

Catch up with Kathleen on the Being Boss website or that of her agency, Braid Creative.

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Methods and Mindsets for Successful Web Design Projects with Agency Boss Ben Seigel — The Busy Creator Podcast 94

The Busy Creator 94 w/Ben Seigel

Ben Seigel (@versastudiollc) is a web designer and developer, and head of Versa Studio. In addition to managing projects and writing the necessary code for client sites, Ben has examined and written about the underlaying value of design, how small businesses and design agencies can work together toward successful ends.

In this conversation, we dig into content management systems on websites, discuss managing remote teams, remark on transitioning from a pure developer to a business owner, and share some common ailments of working with small businesses on their brand and web design projects.

Website Planning for Small Business

Website Planning for Small Business

Grab Ben’s eBook, Website Planning for Small Business, and use code busycreator to save 30% on your purchase. Catch up with Ben via the website for Versa Studio.

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Exploring Business Issues Faced by Creative Pros with Author & Professor Douglas Davis — The Busy Creator Podcast 93

The Busy Creator 93 w/Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis (@DouglasQDavis) is a graphic designer, professor, consultant, and author of the new book Creative Strategy and the Business of Design. The book, which follows his recent talks and workshops, explores business issues that face creative professionals, especially those which may not even seem apparent.

In this conversation, we explore the business culture exposed creatives, the shortcomings of our design education system, and how Brooklyn is becoming the home for creative thought.

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design book

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Check out Douglas’s book, Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, now available where fine books are sold.

Catch up with Douglas this October 26–28 at the Revolve Conference in Charleston, SC, and read his recent article in the European Business Review

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Balancing a Design Practice and Co-Working Space in New York City, with Jessi Arrington & Creighton Mershon — The Busy Creator Podcast 92

The Busy Creator 92 w/Jessi Arrington & Creighton Mershon

Jessi Arrington (@JessiArrington) and Creighton Mershon (@Cr8tonMershon) are the founders of Workshop, a Brooklyn-based creative agency, as well as the proprietors of Small City, a new co-working space and home to dozens of independent creative pros.

Alongside their design practice, Jessi & Creighton have grown their co-working experience by taking on more responsibility across three different spaces in Brooklyn. In this conversation, we discuss the oddities and challenges of New York real estate, the financial and logistical efforts needed to run a co-working space anywhere, and a bit about balancing family life with all manner of creative and business tasks.

Catch up with Jessi & Creighton on their websites for Workshop and Small City.

Cover photo by Bekka Palmer

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Joining an Established Agency to Build Workflow & Culture, with Nick Spriggs — The Busy Creator Podcast 91

The Busy Creator 91 w/Nick Spriggs

Nick Spriggs (@ncsfoo) is a partner at Vector Media Group in New York City. Though he wasn’t one of the original founders, Nick’s role at Vector has been to grow the design and branding offerings to complement the development and marketing capabilities previously in place.

In this conversation, we discuss cultural differences among designers and developers, office rituals used at Vector, how to keep your remote colleagues in the daily mix, and best practices to keep an entire team communicating clearly and working productively.

Catch up with Nick on the website for Vector Media Group.

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Building Community and Finding Personality Stengths as a Creative Introvert, with Designer Cat Rose — The Busy Creator Podcast 90

The Busy Creator 90 w/Cat Rose

Cat Rose (@CreativeIntro) is an independent graphic designer and founder of The Creative Introvert, a website and community for creative professions who share introverted personality types.

In this conversation, we discuss the oddities of life as a freelance designer, the observed behaviour of creative pros and where they fall on the introverted/extroverted continuum, and the challenges of building online communities and creating compelling content.

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Wearing Many Hats As a Designer for a Software Startup with Andrew Berkowitz — The Busy Creator Podcast 89

The Busy Creator 89 w/Andrew Berkowitz

Andrew Berkowitz (@TheWitzCarlton) is the Head of Product for Tradeversity, a buying-and-selling platform for university students. After gaining experience in a large corporate setting, Andrew has jumped in to startup life, enjoying the struggles along the way.

In this conversation, Andrew shares some of the workflows required in a young, small, and nimble company, as well as his experiences testing personal productivity methods and morning routines.

Catch up with Andrew on his own show, The Global Startup Movement

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Everyday Productivity and Striving for Excellence After Losing All Sense of Sight, with Author & Entrepreneur Tanner Gers — The Busy Creator Podcast 88

The Busy Creator 88 w/Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers (@TannerGers) is an author, entrepreneur, and paralympic athlete. Blinded in a car crash at age 21, Tanner has learned entirely new methods of communication and working.

In this conversation, Tanner discusses some of the technology — both lo- and hi-tech — he uses to experience the world in the absesnce of sight. We also share all-purpose productivity tips and examine his morning routines.

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B-SIDE: How to Speak with Confidence On The Mic and In Person, with Christina Canters — The Busy Creator Podcast Bonus Episode

The Busy Creator 78B w/Christina Canters

Christina Canters (@CJCanters) is the founder of The C-Method and host of the Stand Out Get Noticed podcast. Her work as a speaking and confidence coach has taken her around the world, including recent appearances in Chicago, Florida, and New York City.

This talk, recorded live at the New York City Podcast Meetup on July 12, 2016, features Christina coaching our members — most of whom are podcasters themselves — on how to speak better, have more confidence, and express their most authentic selves behind the mic, and in person.

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The Tools I Use to Run Starship Design, a look at Software and Services for a Solo Design Practice — The Busy Creator Podcast 87

The Busy Creator 87 - The Tools I Use to Run Starship Design

In this single-topic episode, Prescott catalogues the desktop software and online services he uses to operate Starship Design, an independent design and branding practice. This topic follows earlier episodes and conversations, building and expanding on particular software titles, and a few competitors.

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