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All calendars suck. This is due in large part to their inability to show you how the months stitch together. Often, the final days are crammed onto the same last row as the previous week. And what happens a fortnight from the final weekend? Who knows.

demonstration calendar

A demonstration on why typical calendars are awful

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Why Can’t I Concentrate? And what I’m doing about it.

Why Can't I Concentrate?

There’s an undeniable trend lately toward mediation and other mindfulness activities. All the cool kids, aka today’s generation of authors, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc., have taken up the practice and many are lauding the results.

But meditation can be extremely off-putting in its name only. Vaguely religious, implicitly supernatural, altogether wrapped up in new age, hippy liberalism of decades past.* For addled and neurotic people like me — perhaps the people to whom it would be of greatest impact — it seems a very tall mountain to climb. […] Full post →

My Two Favourite Podcasts to Learn Online Marketing

My Two Favourite podcasts for Online Marketing

There are approximately 3 billion blogs and podcasts that discuss Online Marketing. (OK, 3 billion is a slight exaggeration) Along with perennial topics like weight loss, personal finance, and dating, it’s one of the most popular subjects available for scrutiny. And like most diet plans or dating schemes, they’re crap.

I’ve listened to a great number of podcasts over the years. Some have been amazing, some have been total garbage, and most are somewhere in the middle. Perhaps the host is indeed an expert, but he doesn’t express himself in an approachable way. What happens more frequently is that the hosts will talk about their own successes, and interview other successful people, but don’t build that bridge between their millions and your first $40. After a while, all the noise blends together.

Fortunately, I have discovered two shows which consistently provide great content and where the hosts genuinely approach the subject matter through the very practical lens of “This stuff is hard, but it’s not impossible. You can do it.”

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