Pro Tip for Keeping Your Portfolio Up To Date

If you’re at all like me, you’ve caught yourself sheepishly admitted “wow, my portfolio is a bit out of date.” That goes double for websites, which can look aged and neglected if they’re slightly non-current.

But I have, in recent weeks, developed a system to combat this problem. And like most productivity or studio management systems, it’s dead simple. Allow me to share it with you.

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Pro Tip for Using Google to Compare Software Tools

On The Busy Creator Podcast, we frequently discuss the software that creative pros are using to build websites, edit videos, and manage projects. In fact, the most downloaded episode to date remains our single-topic show about project management tools & collaboration software.

If you’re researching new online software, web or mobile apps, or project management tools, don’t forget about using Google. Here’s how:

Many of us begin our discovery with another software title or company. For example, if you’re out there trying to learn the latest in word processing, you’ll likely have Microsoft Word as the standard by which to compare it. […] Full post →

Pro Tip for Organization – The Humble Coloured Folder

Pro Tip

One technique can bring massive results with only minimal setup, and it’s simple. Coloured folders.

I mean this in two ways. First, actual tangible folders to keep papers. No, seriously, imagine if you put a system in place where the folders on your desk were colour-coded by project. Black means internal stuff, red means client A, blue means client B, etc. Absolutely worth a try.

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Preparing for End-of-year Taxes or Annual Reviews

Pro Tip

November is the unofficial start to the close of the year. It’s a great time to start preparing for January, including the necessary paperwork and taxes involved.

Examine your system for tracking money. Are you simply reviewing your bank statement when it arrives in the mail? Do you keep an elaborate Excel sheet which takes double the time because you re-enter everything twice? Now is a great time to explore some potential new software solutions to track your business finances.


WaveApps, creates charts as it tracks things

I recently discovered WaveApps. […] Full post →

Pro Tip for Maintaining Fitness & Balance in Business

Pro Tip

Creative professionals across the spectrum will agree that spending time away from your desk is essential for maintaining balance and staying energised. Here’s a tip to help install some good habits.

Set “away from desk” hours in your calendar. Ban yourself from your desk during that time.

Limiting the amount of time you can spend face down in your work will force you to focus on the task at hand, and not just float around the internet waiting for clients to email you back. It will also help you wrap up for the day and get a good night sleep. […] Full post →

Pro Tip for Hiring and Creative Workplace Culture

Pro Tip

When adding new members to your team there’s often a fair amount of training required. This is especially true of younger workers who may not have the practical experience in your particular field. The tip here is actually a question. Before you spend days and weeks training this person — not to mention the associated costs — ask yourself:

Are we training a future partner, or are we training the competition?

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