Co-founders of Share Tactics & Insight, with Michael Sacca and Alex Rolek — The Busy Creator 11

The Busy Creator 11 w/guests Michael Sacca & Alex Rolek

Michael Sacca (@MichaelSacca) and Alex Rolek (@AlexRolek) are the co-founders of, a website that allows companies to put their brand on the web. The duo started out as a small agency doing web design and software development before shifting towards a B2B product. Along with Prescott, they discuss the origins of Brandisty, how they went about getting early feedback, and the day to day scrappiness of running a small web software company.

Show Notes & Links

  • Brandisty is a small software company, about 5 staffers plus contractors
  • TinyFactory, the agency from which Brandisty was born
  • Brandisty’s inception was born from frustration — “can I get a transparent PNG?”
  • Valio Con, a design conference where Brandisty was introduced as a beta product
  • The Busy Creator on Brandisty
  • Delete Blood Cancer on Brandisty
  • TinyFactory started as an agency
  • Michael studied the music business
  • Alex studied finance and real estate development
  • Entrepreneurs struggle to install productivity habits
  • Distractions at work are annoying
  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • The conference was to validate the idea
  • “customer service is our marketing”
  • Say Rhythm rather than Routine.
  • Alex endorses a lifestyle of moderation



  • Use a blackboard in your office. Keep it old school
  • Keep a Kanban board with projects; rearrange as necessary
  • Use small post-its on the cards
  • Don’t use a mobile phone app to do your laundry (it’s not needed!)
  • Use the Rubber Duck test
  • Template your email responses and communication tools
  • Set “Do Not Disturb” mode for the working day, counter-interuitively
  • Generate potential leads, do some research, ask them to become beta testers
  • Generate leads from content and social media
  • Aim for better quality traffic, not necessarily more
  • Give up coffee or alcohol; observe results.
  • Don’t forget to read books, in addition to blog posts, to learn other people’s perspectives


  • Get everyone together for planning and vision; let people work independently from there
  • Monday morning meeting: plan the week, review stats, update on all departments
  • Friday meeting focused on marketing and to review stats
  • Handle communication and responses in the morning; focus on productivity the rest of the day
  • Alex favors the “anti-routine”, and fear of monotony. Varies his wake-up and work-out times.
  • Michael favors a strict routine (due to fatherhood). Gym in the morning, breakfast, shower, and off to work.
  • Wake up before the sun rises.
  • Try networking events in the morning, rather than those in the evenings

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