Evernote for Contact Management with Digitial Media Director Bob Stanke, The Busy Creator Podcast 9

The Busy Creator 9 w/guest Bob Stanke

Bob Stanke (@BobStanke) is the Director of Digital Media for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Over the years, he’s become an expert in Evernote, and has created several workflows he uses everyday to manage his bookmarks and other important information. In this episode, he shares with Prescott how he designed a system to use Evernote for contact management, including how that translates to use on mobile devices and how to create searchable data for future use.

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  • Use pre-defined notes
  • Build your own workflow, if  you have a complex, custom need
  • Set up an email-into system to create Notes on the fly
  • Make custom fields (ex. Pet) as you need them
  • Use a #Hashtag in a Note to create fast-search capabilities
  • Integrate Evernote with Android phones to make calls quickly
  • Use Evernote to create podcast show notes
  • Use FollowUpThen for job-hunting, get better responses


  • Record notes about people after meeting them
  • Use FollowUpThen to stay in touch with people, especially after meeting
  • Add metadata to a bookmark when adding to Evernote

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