Friday Links, vol. 80

Friday Links

The week in Internet. Useful resources for creative professionals.


  • The United States itself has published Web Design Standards Documentation, via 18F, the very modern designer/developer outfit within the GSA.
  • The Pentium Planner-Wallet is a small notebook that helps you stay organised. Now on Kickstarter.
  • Microsoft, makers of the Surface Studio computer/tablet/drafting table, have teamed up with Steelcase to produce Creative Spaces, some ready-to-go office designs with creative work as the focus. (and yes, lots of Microsoft gear).
  • Write The Power is a website that allows you to send artfully-drawn postcards to your Congressional Representatives. Good stuff.
  • Scenery is a Mac desktop app to create nice mockups for your digital designs.



  • This “Do Your Bloody Timesheets” Mug is good for a laugh, but also makes us think about team dynamics and how habits are enforced.

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