Friday Links, vol. 1

Friday Links

In my ongoing effort to bring new and useful experiments to The Busy Creator, I’m bringing you some links and videos I’ve spotted this week. No fanfare, just the good stuff I’ve compiled during the week.


  • Behomm is a home exchange website exclusively for designers and visual artists. Apply here.
  • is a nice-looking project management app for agile development (and other stuff)
  • OWC USB-C Dock for new MacBooks bring you all the ports you need for actual computer use.
  • Thames Capsule, a font made from type samples recovered from the bottom of the River Thames. It’s really gorgeous!
  • Order nice business cards online with Oubly



Everything Else

Thanks to Tina for yet another good idea which I am happily copying.

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  • Wow, what a great article PPF! Thanks for the mention, it’s an honor 🙂