How Will Hudson Balances Publishing with Managing, and Challenges of Running It’s Nice That — The Busy Creator Podcast 12

The Busy Creator 12 w/guest Will Hudson

Will Hudson (@WillHudson) is the Co-Founder and Director of It’s Nice That, a publishing company that champions creativity across the world of art & design. Together with Prescott, he discusses how It’s Nice That began as an art school project and grew into a publishing empire cum creative agency in London. We also hear about Will’s productivity habits, and how he manages the assault of so much email.

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  • One sheet of A4 paper (double sided) for the week
  • Paper and Pen, to make sure.
  • Macs, with email.
  • Evernote
  • A3 sheet of paper for Editorial planning
  • Google Doc
  • Folders of screen-grabs
  • Highrise
  • Pocket (formerly Read It Later)


  • Mix old-school and new-school methods
  • T.R.A.P. your email (Toss, Reply, Action item, or Pass). Leave off the last P for procrastinate.
  • Pick up the phone to save time on Email
  • Have a Monday morning meeting with everyone. Keep it to under an hour.
  • Build a system that will be stressed down the road
  • Host editorial meetings to preview ideas and prioritize publishing order
  • Write your blog posts with future discovery in mind
  • Approach change positively, as a challenge, even when it’s from Facebook
  • Move email conversations to Twitter to keep them short


  • Do an hour’s work on the train during the morning commute; use the time to clean up thoughts and work through email
  • If someone emails you personally, respond. Even if it’s short.
  • Take a screenshot of your [company’s] website everyday
  • Get the early start — 1.5 hrs in the office before everyone else arrives
  • Change your routine so you can see things differently, and re-evaluate priorities

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