Music Producer & Audio Engineer Charles Penn Joins for The First Podcast Episode — The Busy Creator Podcast 1

The Busy Creator 1 w/guest Charles Penn

Ladies and Gentleman of the Internet, I present to you episode 1 of The Busy Creator Podcast!

In this inaugural episode, I chat with Charles Penn, music producer and audio engineer. Our discussion meanders and covers topics as diverse as microphones, audio software and sound manipulation, and even some backup strategy. It’s the first episode so we’re still figuring out some sound. Thanks for joining in the fun.

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  • Start with the rhythm first, then add melody. Or not.
  • The first step is to take the first step.


  • Back up your work. Right now.

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  • Lyle Dungee

    very interesting podcast. It was very informative and your guest had a lot of great insight and knowledge on everything you were talking about. I will defineatly tune into this show!!

    • Lyle, thanks for listening and commenting. Hope you’ll stick with us and help promote.

  • Johanna

    I would love to hear about starting your own business. Any business tips for starting a new web-based business? Great first episode. Keep them coming.