Musician, Singer, and Songwriter Blake Stratton Shares The Methods and Mindsets of the Music Biz — The Busy Creator Podcast 13

The Busy Creator 13 w/guest Blake Stratton

Blake Stratton (@BlakeStratton) is a Nashville-based musician and songwriter. In his twenties he was a touring musician living the Nashville lifestyle. Lately, he’s switched toward collaborating and composing, as well as seeking to connect independent creatives through his blog and podcast, Life in The Woods. With Prescott, he discusses the virtues of waking up early, the struggle for continued creative success, and the strangeness of the music profession.

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  • No two songwriters have the same process
  • Allow yourself to have “seasons”, where you push hard for a while, and then relax.
  • Go on a “Songwriter Retreat” to purposefully (and forcefully) disconnect
  • Use Evernote to keep journals, song lyrics, etc.
  • Use a “Trigger” when you start a habit. Ask “what’s the domino effect?”


  • Waking up early. Something Prescott and Blake both do.
  • Create a “Gratitude Habit”, write down things you’ve done well.
  • High-Low, name one “high” and one “low” of the day. Do this before you go to sleep.

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