Steve Dotto (@DottoTech) publishes a variety of videos on YouTube, mainly on the subject of personal productivity and software. Following a career in broadcasting, he’s strategically moved into self-publishing and has since built a business with video, coaching, & speaking under his brand DottoTech.

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Below are some examples of videos that Steve produces:

Show Notes & Links

  • Steve calls himself a YouTube Content Creator. His channel is DottoTech

“YouTube is not a broadcast network, it's a social network.”

—Steve Dotto

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  • Steve had the business acumen to create a profitable show from his time in television
  • Personal Branding, by whatever name, has to do with authenticity
  • The MasterCaster, part of Steve’s business that focuses on content creation for video & podcasts

“It's not a broadcast; it's a conversation.”

—Steve Dotto

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“Search results on YouTube are based on merit, not Voodoo.”

—Steve Dotto

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  • 40% of Steve’s viewers aren’t subscribers, but instead find him through search terms
  • YouTube > Facebook for community engagement and overall social interaction
  • Prescott says Facebook is a “bizarro Hong Kong marketplace” of distraction
  • Mashable
  • Google+ hasn’t quite taken shape as a social network. But perhaps it’s not supposed to be a social network.
  • Martin Shervington‘s Google+ for Business
  • A Song of Ice and Fire (The Game of Thrones series) by George RR Martin on Amazon and on Audible
    A Song of Ice and Fire (The Game of Thrones series) by George RR Martin
  • The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling on Amazon and on Audible
    The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling
  • Stephen Fry
  • Ed Norton

“Present the type of content you would like to receive.”

—Steve Dotto

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“People will not watch good video with bad audio.”

—Steve Dotto

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  • Get your crew to laugh; it’s a good indicator for your audience
  • Create a personality that is a slightly amplified version of yourself, not a fictional character
  • Ensure no one is holding your audience “hostage”; keep in touch with them on our terms
  • Tweet or Text Message your audience prior to a live broadcast/webinar
  • “Shine a light on your content” aka actively promote your own stuff; no one will find it naturally
  • Use [paid] Facebook ads to promote a webinar or other paid event
  • Use your community — perhaps a forum or Facebook group — to answer tough questions
  • Poke around with software and look for “a story” to share in a video
  • Push hard for a new video (within the first four hours); take advantage of YouTube’s algorithm which “honors momentum”
  • Honor Your Content, Steve’s term for abiding by best practices in promotion
  • Create a Photoshop template which you can quickly update
  • Build your mailing list! Change your CRM system if you outgrow the first one.
  • Before you post your Patreon effort, get friends and family to chip in.
  • Offer your Patrons access to your digital products as a bonus


  • Listen to podcasts/audiobooks while walking the dog
  • Research an SEO-friendly title
  • Edit video to include calls-to-action, annotate thoroughly
  • Learn to predict problems with sound & lighting, so you can solve them early
  • Steal colors from other content creators (keep them in Evernote)
  • Wake up early, do community engagement first; reply to comments
  • Avoid email first thing in the morning
  • Read and respond to every comment on YouTube (even if it’s only a Thumbs-up/Plus)
  • Drink Smoothies

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Prescott Perez-Fox is a graphic designer, brand developer, and educator with 18+ years experience in branding, packaging, graphic design, and web design. He runs The Busy Creator.

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