When adding new members to your team there’s often a fair amount of training required. This is especially true of younger workers who may not have the practical experience in your particular field. The tip here is actually a question.

Before you spend days and weeks training this person — not to mention the associated costs — ask yourself:

Are we training a future partner, or are we training the competition?

The best companies set up a culture that brings employees in, and teaches them how they can add their own unique strengths to the organization. They don’t, as so often occurs, simply force new hires to give up parts of themselves and obey commands. The former creates future partners who can bring value; the latter drives people away and creates competitors down the road.

A good boss will find himself surrounded with smart, capable people ready to work. A bad boss will find himself starting over time and again, training another worker who will eventually leave.

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About the author: Prescott Perez-Fox

Prescott Perez-Fox is a graphic designer, brand developer, and educator with 18+ years experience in branding, packaging, graphic design, and web design. He runs The Busy Creator.

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