Pro Tip for Using Google to Compare Software Tools

On The Busy Creator Podcast, we frequently discuss the software that creative pros are using to build websites, edit videos, and manage projects. In fact, the most downloaded episode to date remains our single-topic show about project management tools & collaboration software.

If you’re researching new online software, web or mobile apps, or project management tools, don’t forget about using Google. Here’s how:

Many of us begin our discovery with another software title or company. For example, if you’re out there trying to learn the latest in word processing, you’ll likely have Microsoft Word as the standard by which to compare it. Google knows that you’re likely searching for competitors if you use the modifier "vs." after the proper name of a software title. In this particular case, you can type "Microsoft Word vs." and you’ll see competitors auto-populate.

Alternatives to Trello, according to the Google

Alternatives to Trello

This works great in the world of project management and productivity apps, where there is significant fragmentation and competition. Looking for alternatives to Basecamp? Try "Basecamp vs.". Looking for time-trackers like Freshbooks? Try "Freshbooks vs.".

You get the idea. This one is simple, but it’s a Pro Tip and you can start using it today. Next time a client or boss says “what are some alternatives?” You’ll be able to gather several names almost instantaneously — and no one has to know that!

PS, It also works with services like or resources like iStockPhoto. Google is very smart. Maybe too smart.

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