Business Lessons for Creative Entrepreneurs & How to Launch an Online Community with Designer, Coach & Podcaster Kathleen Shannon — The Busy Creator Podcast 95

The Busy Creator 95 w/Kathleen Shannon

Kathleen Shannon (@AndKathleen) is a graphic designer and brand strategist, and co-founder of Being Boss, a podcast and community for creative entrepreneurs. Kathleen began as a staff art director, but learned entrepreneurial habits working on her side projects and blogging. She’s now seeking to become a media mogul and serve the creative community.

In this conversation, we discuss the origins of Being Boss, how Kathleen learned systematic behaviour and stays organised, and the common mindsets of creative entrepreneurs.

Catch up with Kathleen on the Being Boss website or that of her agency, Braid Creative.

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Workflows for a Small Software Company with In-House Designers Kyle Bollinger & Kristin Burkhart — The Busy Creator Podcast 83

The Busy Creator 83 w/Kyle Bollinger & Kristin Burkhart

Kyle Bollinger (@WhoaKB) and Kristin Burkhart are the in-house design team for PureChat, an software tool enabling websites to offer chat-based support. Dividing their duties between product and marketing, Kyle and Kristin have developed a workflow that allows them to work swiftly and efficiently, while still experimenting with new industry practices.

In this conversation, we discuss company culture for a small SAAS startup, how designers collaborate with internal stakeholders, and unravel technical challenges around versioning and fast iteration.

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Examining The Modern Creative Workforce and the Ongoing Struggles of Productive People, with Prescott Perez-Fox — The Busy Creator Podcast 80

The Busy Creator Podcast 80 w/Prescott Perez-Fox

Prescott Perez-Fox (@scottperezfox) is an independent brand consultant and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Following ten years as a scrappy freelancer in New York’s design scene, he’s built a number of eccentric workflows and organisational structures.

This conversation loops and swirls a bit, covering career observations, podcast production, personal productivity struggles, and Prescott’s possible plans for becoming a consultant … and perhaps an agency.

Catch up with Prescott on his crumbly old website, or, um, here on The Busy Creator.

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Friday Links, vol. 24

Friday Links

The week in Internet. Useful resources for creative professionals.



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Can Your Company Design a Business Card? How to Test and Optimise Your Team Workflow

Business Card title image

In his most famous work on capitalism and commerce, The Wealth of Nations, author and economist Adam Smith describes how even something as simple and pedestrian as a farmer’s woolen coat can’t be made by a single person. It requires the collective expertise and effort of many different people — everyone from the shepherd to the tailor has a role play to play, including less obvious jobs like dye-maker, money-lender, cart-driver (and cartwrights before that), and the folks who hand-carve buttons from precise species of wood. […] Full post →

The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 53 with Designer, Developer & Entrepreneur Matt Keefe

The Busy Creator 53 w/guest Matt Keefe

Matt Keefe (@MKeefe) is a multitalented designer & developer, and the co-founder of PixelBit, a design and development agency. PixelBit has no particular home base, with staff spread out all over the world. Managing this requires systems and good communication, which Matt discusses in this conversation.

We also cover tools and methodologies that change over time, sometimes very quickly, balancing client needs with constraints of deadlines and technology, and leaving life as a freelancer for one of a business owner.

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The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 43 with Designer & Creative Director Bob Calvano

The Busy Creator 43 w/guest Bob Calvano

Bob Calvano (@bobcalvano) runs the digital media & design studio for A+E Networks, and oversees the development of mobile apps, websites, interfaces, and a variety of other design elements for A+E’s brands.

This conversation discusses his origins in digital and traditional design work, how he manages a diverse team of designers and programmers, and the challenges of working in the always-changing business of television and entertainment.

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The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 37 with Illustrator & Graphic Designer Felix Sockwell

The Busy Creator Podcast 37 w/guest Felix Sockwell

Felix Sockwell is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New Jersey. Following a storied early career in some of New York’s top agencies, Felix changed direction to pursue his solo practice as an illustrator. For him, setting up outside the City didn’t mean obscurity; instead, he’s developed a unique signature style and works with a varied of high-profile clients like Facebook and The New York Times.

See more of his work on his website,

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