The Importance of Sales & New Business in Creative Agencies, with Dan Fields – The Busy Creator Podcast 68

The Busy Creator 68 w/guest Dan Fields

Dan Fields (@danthebeast) is a Vice President of Operations at Aarra, an interactive management firm based in New York and Chicago. Once a humble Flash developer, Dan has moved into a sales and new business role, building relationships with large agencies and small shops alike.

Our conversations discusses the need for sales and relationships in creative businesses, how Dan made the transition to new biz, and some of the challenges facing the ever-changing advertising industry.

Catch up with Dan on his personal site or via his podcast, Save It For The Show.

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The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 53 with Designer, Developer & Entrepreneur Matt Keefe

The Busy Creator 53 w/guest Matt Keefe

Matt Keefe (@MKeefe) is a multitalented designer & developer, and the co-founder of PixelBit, a design and development agency. PixelBit has no particular home base, with staff spread out all over the world. Managing this requires systems and good communication, which Matt discusses in this conversation.

We also cover tools and methodologies that change over time, sometimes very quickly, balancing client needs with constraints of deadlines and technology, and leaving life as a freelancer for one of a business owner.

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