Building an Online Business While Traveling The World with Christina Canters — The Busy Creator Podcast 23

The Busy Creator 23 w/Christina Canters

Christina Canters (@cjcanters) is an architect-turned-entrepreneur who left her native Melbourne, Australia to travel the world as she builds her new consulting and teaching business, Design Draw Speak.

This conversation focuses on travel, as well as the mindset and preparation required to build a new business on the road. Christina and Prescott share their war stories — and fond memories — from travels and studies abroad, and commiserate about the prices of certain goods in different places. Keep up with Christina and her travels via her blog, Kips and Kale.

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  • Before you leave for a trip, transfer stuff to cloud storage and get rid of a lot of your crap
  • Travel light. Literally, and spiritually.
  • Don’t mind the clunky video edits
  • Go to lots of events, especially in a new city


  • Wake up early, before the world is up
  • Celebrate what you got done by mid-day
  • Eat right and exercise, even from the road
  • Build a workflow you can torture-test. Print receipts, save a PDF, keep backups. Save multiple copies and don’t rely on a single point of failure.

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