The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 31 – Project Management Tools & Collaboration Software with guest Bryan Orr

The Busy Creator 31, Project Mgmt & Collaboration Tools w/guest Bryan Orr

Bryan Orr (@BryanJOrr) is both a brick-and-mortal small business owner and software entrepreneur, based in Florida. In owning and operating a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installation company, he has experimented with a great variety of project management tools and collaboration software. Following this, he ventured into the software game itself, commissioning his own system to help run the business.

He also hosts the WOW Small Business Podcast and is a co-creator of MentionTribe, an online service aimed at helping local small businesses.

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  • Create new columns (“States”) in your Kanban board
  • Utilise a real Project Manager to make decisions and keep the project moving
  • Define “Pictures of Success” to demonstrate best practices within your team
  • Use the Eisenhower methodology to determine what’s important vs. what’s urgent
  • Don’t use text messaging for business
  • Create a method of your own to-do list
  • Create a method for group communication/chat
  • Create a method for assigning tasks
  • Ensure you have mobile capabilities
  • Experiment with mind-mapping methodologies
  • Build a team knowledge base so folks don’t have to ask each other for stuff all the time


  • Adhere to the system you create, but also test new methods
  • Review your personal and team to-dos at the end of each day

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  • Hanna Cutts

    Great Podcast. Really like your list of tools. One more tool I’d like to add to your list and i.e proofhub. Our team is using this tool for collaboration and managing projects. I think you must check it out as well.

    • Thanks for the tip Hanna! I’ll check it out. Clearly, I enjoy learning about this stuff, even if I don’t use a particular tool for every project.