The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 32 with Interaction Designer, Developer & Entrepreneur Vijay Mathews

The Busy Creator 32 w/guest Vijay Mathews

Vijay Mathews (@vijaymathews) is a co-founder of W&Co., an interactive design & development agency based in New York. In the last few years, he’s built mobile apps and websites for a variety of clients, focusing on the education, non-profit, retail, and government sectors.

This conversation discusses running a multidisciplinary firm, the workflow and roles at W&Co., and the trouble with de facto standards in the design biz.

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  • Consider longevity in the marketplace (shorter-life projects can be more avant garde)
  • Don’t be too conservative during the ideation phase
  • Play to your strengths in your roles (designer, IA, etc.) but join forces as well to have multidisciplinary crossover
  • Utilise Master Pages in InDesign


  • Have a daily scrum meeting
  • Examine your calendar the night before
  • 30-45 minute run early in the morning to clear the head
  • Arrive before the staff to sort email and admin

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