The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 36 – Intellectual Property & Legal Issues for Creative Pros with Attorney & Educator Kelley Keller

The Busy Creator 36 w/guest Kelley Keller

Kelley Keller (@KelleyKeller) is an Intellectual Property Attorney & Education, and founder of The Keller Law Firm. She’s also the creator of Innovation to Profits, an online educational resource for anyone with creative, valuable ideas.

This legal-focused conversation discusses the types of IP, how portfolios must be handled, competition in the age of the Internet, Fair Use, and other legal matters important for creative pros in business.

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  • Be proactive with new contracts and agreements; get an attorney to review
  • Set up Google Alerts for brands/trademarks
  • Hire a junior staffer to search for your brand online

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About Prescott Perez-Fox

Prescott Perez-Fox is a New York-based graphic designer and brand developer with 15+ years experience in branding, packaging, graphic design, and web design. He runs The Busy Creator.
  • Kelley Keller

    Thank you, Prescott, for having me on the podcast. I enjoyed our conversation very much and hope that your listeners will glean some valuable information. Great conversation!

    • Kelley, the knowledge is very much appreciated. Let’s hope our listeners will be a little more informed out there on their next projects.