The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 40 with Photographer, Instructor, & World Traveler Jay Seldin

The Busy Creator 40 w/guest Jay Seldin

Jay Seldin (@phototraveler8) is a fine art photographer, photo travel entrepreneur, and instructor. Jay has spent the bulk of his career as a teacher, whether teaching graphic design and photography at the high school level, or more recently conducting workshops and photo tours all over the world.

This conversation tracks Jay’s early career and how he got into teaching, his accidental discovery of the Macintosh, how he transitioned into leading workshops and tours, and how Prescott learned the graphic design trade in 1998–99 as a high school senior.

Check out Jay’s photography on his website, or check out his photo workshops via his company page, CPE Photo Workshops

Environmental Portraits in Cuba, by Jay Seldin

Environmental Portraits in Cuba, by Jay Seldin


Show Notes & Links

Jay Seldin in his studio

Jay Seldin in his studio, surrounded by gear and his work



  • Learn on your own, and then teach it to others
  • Get a local “guide” who knows the area you’re looking to photograph
  • Gather ideas from your past students/attendees


  • Travel with someone who’s part of the “system” as well as some who aren’t
  • Wake up early, have coffee, and read the [physical] paper

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