The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 47 with Digital Strategist & Author Lucy Leiderman

The Busy Creator 47 w/guest Lucy Leiderman

Lucy Leiderman (@Lucy Leiderman) is the Director of Digital Strategy for Toronto-based agency Pilot PMR. Here, she advises clients on content and social media strategy, oversees promotion and advertising across new media, and writes on a number topics related to internet and technology.

Lucy is also a published author, having written the Seven Wanderers Trilogy, a series of novels in the historical fiction/fantasy genre.

This conversation is split into two parts, where the first discusses her work as a digital strategist, and the second speaks more to her personal habits and her workflow as an author. Catch up with Lucy on her website,

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  • Don’t create content for it’s own sake
  • Don’t waste a call-to-action and spend money when it doesn’t drive sales
  • Use data to show how campaigns are effective
  • Get immersed in the community; go to events/Hackathons, watch TED talks
  • Use the channel itself for full analytics; don’t trust third-party sites for data collection
  • Factor “the environment” into your channel-planning
  • Ask questions in your story plan (e.g. “why does this person think this?”)
  • Have a publisher or editor kick your butt a little
  • Use Post-Its to highlight points-to-make
  • Keep a plan for the next 5000 words, and another document for the actual text
  • Build a nest of pillows and stay deep for 5-6 hours of work
  • Allow your daily routine to flex with the day (and the dogs’ breakfast schedule)
  • Read case studies rather than opinions, especially for continued growth/learning


  • Editorialise and examine your data; never show raw numbers to a client
  • Don’t email when voice communication is faster and more direct
  • Acknowledge your inner emotions when writing a book
  • Build a comfortable setup and work in spurts
  • Take breaks and go for walks (with the dogs)

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