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The Busy Creator Podcast is a discussion show where creative professionals from across the spectrum share tools, techniques, and habits they use in practice.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 100! A Live Meetup Event with guests Joaquin Cotler, Rashan Casseus, & Gabby Wallace

A live event to celebrate the milestone.

There and Back Again, Craig Ward Discusses Joining A Large Agency After Years of Successful Solo Practice

Craig Ward is a British-born designer in NYC

Going Hollywood, How Brittany Cormack Thrives as a Costume Designer Amid the Madness of Showbiz

Brittany Cormack is a costume designer in Los Angeles

Practical Typographic Advice and Building an Education Business Alongside a Design Firm with Michael Stinson

Michael Stinson teaches typography to other designers.

Becoming a Multi-Faceted Creative, and The Movie-Making Process with Filmmaker & Podcaster David Power

David Power is a multi-faceted creative pro in Brooklyn, NY.

Launching an Online Community for Creative Entrepreneurs with Designer, Writer, and Podcaster Kathleen Shannon

Kathleen Shannon is a designer and co-creative of Being Boss.

Methods and Mindsets for Successful Web Design Projects with Agency Boss Ben Seigel

Ben Seigel runs a remote web design company.

Exploring Business Issues Faced by Creative Pros with Author & Professor Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis teaches, practices, and writes about design in Brooklyn, NY.