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About Us

The story so far.

For Creative Professionals Who Love to Create

You’re a busy creative professional. You’ve spent years building and honing your skills. You do excellent work and you’re proud of it. You’re respected by your peers, and your managers and clients know they can count on you to deliver when the pressure’s on.

Then why does it seem like the harder you work, the more your career falls behind? Like your work-life balance is out of whack? Like the more you advance in your career, the less creative, productive, and satisfied you feel? Like your compensation doesn’t fairly reflect the value you deliver?

Read this next sentence carefully…

You do not have to choose between creativity, productivity, and satisfaction.

Not only can the three coexist, but with the right frameworks in place, a win in one area creates success in the others.

The community here at The Busy Creator doesn’t bellyache over how difficult our jobs are or how unfairly we’ve been treated. We don’t cling to the idea that we’re special snowflakes who deserve to be handled with care.

And we don’t tolerate “tortured artist” types who deny themselves success by refusing to organize and prioritize.

We believe there are tools, techniques, and practices available to all creative pros that allow them to stay organized, energized, motivated, and focused.

We believe success breeds success.

And we support one another in the pursuit of excellence.

Busy doesn't have to be a four-letter word

About Prescott

Prescott Perez-Fox.  Photo by Jerome Charles

Prescott Perez-Fox
The Busy Creator founder

Photo by Jerome Charles

I’m Prescott Perez-Fox, a graphic designer and brand strategist.

My character-building years were spent as a freelance designer in New York City. During those early years—with no business experience and no real strategy on how to find (or keep) clients—I endured far too many embarrassing interviews, horrible bosses, and less-than-stellar reviews on the jobs I landed successfully.

Meanwhile, I saw peers kicking butt in their practice, earning recognition, landing big clients, and being paid nicely to do it, while I was getting laid off three times in three years (true story.) I realized there had to be something I lacked — business and productivity skills — which I needed in order to become successful.

I actively sought out successful creative professionals and modeled their attitudes, approaches, and behaviors. During this multi-year process, I discovered a very small number of key tools, techniques, and habits that separate the “struggling artist” from the “healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Over the past 15 years, I’ve distilled these discoveries into systems that enable me—and my clients and co-workers—to be more productive, make more money, and spend more time doing the creative work we love.

The Busy Creator is where I share these systems and approaches with like-minded creative professionals. This is an online community where we learn business and productivity skills. We focus on how great creative work happens, not just the finished result. We don’t deal in “inspiration and motivation”, we get systematic and examine creative culture, methods, and technology.

We want to be our most creative productive selves.

The Busy Creator’s Origin Story

TBC was created in late 2013 by Prescott Perez-Fox, a graphic designer in New York City. Having worked for numerous agencies and in-house teams, as well as years spent freelancing with a range of clients, Prescott had seen the inside of many creative workplaces, and observed what these companies were doing right — and wrong. Prescott become renowned in the NYC design community as the guy who knows about process. Software, project management, office rituals, even architecture and org structures. The Busy Creator is the effort to share this knowledge with a wider creative community, and help everyone get better at what they do.

I’m fascinated by fellow creatives. Not just their work, but how it happens. This podcast is a chance a find out how they do what they do. Asking people to join me on The Busy Creator Podcast has been a great way to take pride in other peoples’ work. I feel that I’m a small part of their practice and future success. A very small part.”

Prescott Perez-Fox

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