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Live Workshops

Training doesn’t end when you finish your degree. Your skills and education are never complete. Keep learning, keep growing.
Live workshops from The Busy Creator

Workshops from The Busy Creator

Let’s get together and become our most creative, productive selves. We’ll build systems and rhythms to help you stay energised, organised, and motivated. We’ll discuss a framework for installing practical, new habits and adopting some core tools.

There are two types of workshops: for groups and for individuals.

There are two sorts of group who might attend a workshop.

Groups, Schools & Societies

First, it’s a collection of creative pros who don’t work together, but are united by professional interest or geography. Perhaps an alumni group, a professional society’s local chapter, or a less formal accountability circle. This workshop might feel like a traditional conference session — but much less formal! Together, we examine common ailments shared by solo practitioners and creative pros of all kinds, and see where we individually fit. Using partner exercises and ideation drills, we’ll all leave with new perspectives and tactics on time & file management, project rituals, and overall workflow.

Colleagues & Co-Workers

The other kind of group attending a workshop is one that works together — our colleagues and co-workers from an agency or in-house creative department. Operating more as an internal retreat, this serves as an alternative to high-priced conferences, bringing a familiar team together in your existing studio or office, and diving deep on how you work in particular. Don’t worry, we leave time to have some fun!

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Just You

For individuals, workshops take the form of coaching. In person or via Skype, we examine your particular struggles regarding productivity and workflow, and build a plan of action you can move on today. Great for rookie freelancers, graduate creatives, and those working as the lone creative force within an established company.

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Prescott leads a workshop session
Workshop attendees craft their process & method

For Groups

You’ll be surprised what we can accomplish when we sit down in the same room, together. Group workshops are highly interactive, with attendees sharing stories and habits for shared examination. We use one another as test subjects, gaining immediate feedback on our own situations and challenges.

Group Session: #SharpStudio

Work solo, learn together

Many professional societies and groups are composed of solo practitioners and freelancers. There’s a ton to learn on the internet, on your own, but when we come together we have new perspectives on our work.

This workshop, an evening-length interactive session, is a chance for attendees to share their processes with others, adopting perspectives and hacks to use on the very next project. You’ll leave with practical frameworks, systems, habits, and tools you can put to use immediately.

Some of what’s covered

  • The “Productivity Pyramid” framework for team workflow.
  • How to avoid the number one productivity killer.
  • Free tools to help you avoid devastating project file disasters.
  • How to acquire 20 years or more of expert knowledge in 10 hours.
  • A simple, fun, and free way to get in (and stay in) a flow state.
  • How “Chunking and Batching” can help you manage your time (and sanity) more effectively.
  • The “3MIT” method for improving your prioritization skills.
  • 3 top-notch, cross-platform tools for effective “knowledge-keeping.”
  • The one file management rule that can save you and your team downtime and frustration.
  • How designing your own processes can result in greater productivity, accountability, and satisfaction.
  • How incorporating a few simple rituals into your processes builds more cohesive and satisfied project teams.

Who benefits most

  • Solo practitioners eager to produce better work, with less stress
  • Small-agency employees who can bring back what they learned and implement immediately
  • Professional society Organizers and Programming Directors who want to help their members with continued learning on a practical level.

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Group Session : Team Workflow

An outside eye for an in-house retreat

When was the last time you stepped back from your day-to-day and assembled as a team to actually fix the problems you’re facing at work, or to improve your overall team capabilities? Instead of packing everyone off to a conference, why not bring them together at your studio?

A team workshop feels like an internal retreat, an in-person session where we look below the surface at your company’s workflows and processes, and get to work immediately. Together, we’ll examine the structure and habits your team built, and where improvements can be made. We tackle project management and rituals, decide where technology and tools can help, and get really honest about what’s broken and how to fix it.

Don’t worry, we also have a little fun; it’s a chance for teammates to get a little silly and still be productive. Call it bonding; teammates produce better work when they aren’t trying to kill one another!

Half-day or full-day sessions available.

Some of what’s covered

  • Team-building exercises to get the creative wheels turning
  • Back-to-basics problem solving based on first principles
  • Examination of current project management systems
  • Examination of hiring and relationships practices
  • In-depth look at workflow, including tools used
  • Plans and Next Steps to implement immediately

Who benefits most

  • Small-to-medium agencies who can quickly implement new company-wide skills, policies, routines
  • In-house creative managers who want to offer more value to their immediate team, and in turn the wider company

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“Prescott’s live workshop walks the attendees through the importance of actually designing and owning the process of your workflow. From that single session, I may have saved myself hours of productivity this year in the production of my podcast alone. It’s both inspiring and informative. Be sure to check out the Busy Creator live show when Prescott is in your city.”

Josh Miles
Host of Obsessed With Design

For Individuals

No one is an island. Even the most admire solo practitioners learned their craft from someone else. Every sportsman has a coach offering outside feedback and holding the champion to a higher standard. Here, workshops for individuals take the form of coaching — a personal, focused deep-dive and work session aimed at helping you level-up your creative productivity and business skills. No nonsense, just getting busy!

Individual Session

Direct coaching to help you build key skills.

Creative professionals seeking to grow their business & productivity skills receive one-on-one coaching sessions, conducted in-person, by phone, or via web conference call. Together, we examine your situation and identify your current strengths and weaknesses, outline obstacles, develop techniques, and set goals for the near and longer term.

Some of what’s covered

  • One-on-one targeting sessions
  • Examination of time-tracking and management systems
  • Templates and frameworks for project and file management
  • Practice negotiations and pitch sessions
  • Examination of your rates or salary, and how to get what you’re worth
  • Support and Accountability for your short-term projects and goals
  • Ongoing networking and insight from seasoned pros

Who benefits most

  • Creative pros working solo/freelance for the first time
  • Seasoned creatives who need to build new skills quickly, to grow within an established business

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Live workshops from Prescott & The Busy Creator