Field Report: How Creators & Publishers Use Patreon to Support Creative Projects

How creatives can use crowdfunding

Every creator needs patronage. It’s an age-old issue, remarked even in the letters of Leonardo da Vinci. The old advertising and filmmaking adage “one for the reel; one for the meal” embodies this idea.

It’s unclear whether this is immediately reassuring or depressing, but it does point to one thing: the problem of getting financial support for our creative projects will always be with us.

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Field Report: How Marie Poulin Initiates & Manages Client Projects

Field Report: How Marie Initiates Client Projects

Just about every creative pro has a story of a client project gone bad. The years of collective wisdom have led to the conclusion that designers, photographers, writers, and everyone else who provides services must be strategic about selecting clients and starting a project off on the right foot.

Client on-boarding, project vetting — or whatever you may call it — can be a tricky process, but it’s essential for success. Previous podcast guest and friend of The Busy Creator Marie Poulin, a web designer and digital strategist based in Vancouver, has worked for years on crafting her own studio workflows and systems for working with clients. Stressing the importance and benefits in a recent blog post, she says:

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