There are approximately 3 billion blogs and podcasts that discuss Online Marketing. (OK, 3 billion is a *slight* exaggeration.) Along with perennial topics like weight loss, personal finance, and dating, it’s one of the most popular subjects available for scrutiny. And like most diet plans or dating schemes, they’re crap.

I’ve listened to a great number of podcasts over the years. Some have been amazing, some have been total garbage, and most are somewhere in the middle. Perhaps the host is indeed an expert, but he doesn’t express himself in an approachable way. What happens more frequently is that the hosts will talk about their own successes, and interview other successful people, but don’t build that bridge between their millions and your first $40. After a while, all the noise blends together.

Fortunately, I have discovered two shows which consistently provide great content and where the hosts genuinely approach the subject matter through the very practical lens of “This stuff is hard, but it’s not impossible. You can do it.”

Own It!

Own It, The Podcast

Own It, The Podcast

This podcast is, quite literally, two old friends recording their weekly chats over tea. Judith Morgan and Nicola Cairncross are two British ladies with years of experience in online marketing, consulting, writing, and running small businesses. Aside from hearing about what they’re doing lately, we the listeners are treated to some really great tactics, especially in the realm of social media and communication.

Plus we get to hear some eccentric English chatter that I can only liken to Patsy and Edie, if they worked in Online Marketing rather than high fashion.

The downside, perhaps, is that you have to pick the strategies out from the conversation. The show isn’t formatted as instruction — you won’t hear them say “tactic number one is ____”. But if you pay attention, you’ll find some gems.

[Own It! on iTunes](!-your-business-your/id953839046?mt=2 “Own It! on iTunes”)

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy podcast

Online Marketing Made Easy podcast

Amy Porterfield is a pro when it comes to Online Marketing, especially with Facebook as a channel. Her show is extremely well researched and produced. Although it’s a solo show — essentially audio blog style — she keeps it lively with fan questions and very specific lessons. In fact, Amy and her team prepare a PDF download for each episode which recaps the subject of the show and the topic or tactic covered.

It’s hard to state with appropriate altitude how confusing Facebook and other platforms can be. Same with sales funnels, email lists, and all this other crap — I’m still learning it myself — but Amy seems to have her finger on the pulse. No, seriously, she knows her shit.

The downside, or at least what might be considered “the catch,” is that Amy is practicing what she preaches. It’s no secret that her webinars are essentially sales sessions, or that to get her PDF downloads you need to join her email list. But if it’s useful, go ahead and fork over some time and attention — and maybe a few bucks.

[Online Marketing Made Easy on iTunes]( “Online Marketing Made Easy on iTunes”)

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