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Building Brands

A Step-By-Step Guide for Creative Pros to Develop Strategy and Design Identity
by Prescott Perez-Fox
Building Brands

Building Brands is a practical guide to help creative professionals collaborate with clients on branding & identity projects. With easy-to-understand methods and exercises, you and your client can work smoothly and effectively, saving time and headaches along the way. You’ll be able to craft and maintain enduring, appropriate, versatile brand strategies and the identity designs to match.

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Download Building Brands now to transform your branding practice! This interactive PDF is everything you need to get started.

As creative pros we’re tasked with creating well-crafted, appropriate, engaging materials for our clients, but building an entire brand identity can feel overwhelming. For the photographers, writers, visual artists, and interior designers among us this feeling can be even more extreme because it’s farther from our main practice. Don’t worry, I’ll show you the way.

I’ve worked for over seventeen years in the graphic design and brand development fields, focusing extensively on identity design and strategy. This guide is based on my hard-fought experiences and methods learned along the way.

What You’ll Learn

Building Brands will show you in-depth exercises and project structures, including:

  • What is a “brand”, and how you can explain it to your client
  • The best, most efficient ways to structure a brand project
  • The “Who’s who” of project personnel, both on the Client and Agency side
  • A tried-and-test four-phases project structure
  • How to estimate time commitments throughout your project
  • Workshop-style exercises to conduct with clients, and resources to get started
  • How to tie it all together and start building great brands!

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Frequently Answered Questions

Q: I’m not a designer at all, is there something for me?

Yes, absolutely. Every part of the project requires input from different team members. Eventually, you’ll have to team up with a designer, but there’s plenty of strategy, writing, and project management to be done before then.

Q: Can I use this guide at work?

Definitely. The idea is for you to take this guide and put it into action immediately — maybe even on your current client projects. You’ll still have to do the hard work, of course, but you can refer back to this guide during actual, paid client projects. You can even go deeper and get the books mentioned in this guide, and impress your work friends with your vast subject matter knowledge.

Q: Can I share the information with colleagues?

Please do! This guide was created for creative pros and teams. Every agency — even a small one- or two-person outfit, can take these structures and approaches and implement them at work. In fact, it’s written in such a way that you can copy whole paragraphs at a time and direct it towards colleagues and internal stakeholders.

Q: I have a different method for part of the project, can I switch things up?

Of course. Feel free to twist and bend the methodologies presented in the guide. You can remove or add sections as needed for more or less complex projects, or implement your own tactics. You can go so far as to borrow only one or two tricks from this, and fold them into your own go-to workflow.

Q: My projects are really complex and no two are the same. Can I still use this guide?

Yes, use it as a starting point and modify as necessary. No matter how complex and intricate your own branding process is, you can approach it the way this guide approaches more basic projects. Even for sprawling, all-consuming brand examinations, you can borrow the philosophy of breaking a project into phases and defining personnel and timeframe for each.

Q: Is there a Kindle, ePub, or .mobi version?

Yes. The “native” version is the interactive PDF, suitable for printing. A fixed-width ePub version is also available, as is an online-only interactive version, a plain-text document version, and a Markdown-formatted version. A version of this eBook is also available for the Kindle at . The Kindle version, however, lacks diagrams and full-colour layout.

Q: Is there a printed version?

If enough reader interest builds for a print version, we will likely product a softcover version, similar to a printed report, rather than a paperback book. Please write in with your interest.

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Immediate Value

Presented in parts, as an easy-to-navigate interactive PDF, Building Brands offers you and your team templates and resources you can use today. Here’s some of what’s included:

  • Definitions of Roles and Milestones to clear up uncertainty and infighting
  • Visual explanations of how brand projects are structured, allowing everyone to understand common goals
  • Templates to use and customize, making it dead simple to get started
  • Time-saving communication tips which can cut down on email headaches and pointless feedback loops
  • References to books and authors, for those of us who need to go the extra mile for our clients

Bonus Offer

Still struggling with questions related to brand development? Book a 15-minute consultation with Prescott to explore your specific challenges and gain his insight on your current or future projects. Just send a screenshot of your receipt or forward the confirmation email to

Start Building Great Brands Today

Grab the guide and get busy! You’ll be on your way to creating your best work in no time.