Examining Music Streaming Apps & Websites, with guest Charles Penn — The Busy Creator Podcast 17

The Busy Creator 17 w/guest Charles Penn

Charles Penn is a musician and music producer based in New Jersey. Together with Prescott he discusses the state of music on the Internet, including listening, buying, sharing, and the potential of collaborating world-wide. The conversation moves to music promotion and tactics for artists starting out. Check out Charles’s music on his website, The Sounds of The Underground.

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  • For Pandora, only vote songs down. Otherwise, you’ll hear the exact same song again and again.
  • Search for stations on the Internet Radio stream. Discover something unexpected.
  • Exchange features with other up-and-coming artists, then cross-promote for each other


  • Search randomly. Don’t “plan” your music.
  • Give away your music to build a fan base. The money will come.

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