Journalist and Podcaster Ashley Milne-Tyte Talks Methods, Tools for Creative Vivid Audio Stories, The Busy Creator Podcast 8

The Busy Creator 8 w/guest Ashley Milne-Tyte

Ashley Milne-Tyte (@ashleymilnetyte) is a journalist, radio producer, and podcaster living in New York City. Together they discuss the daily grind of journalists and the process for recording and editing audio segments for radio and podcasts. We hear Ashley’s workflow and habits, and her plans to improve productivity as spring approaches.

You can catch up with Ashley on her site,, or through her podcast,

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  • Use memory and self-discipline
  • Have a physical to-do list, cross things off
  • Get things out of your head — as soon as you think of it
  • Create a system for repetitive tasks, like conducting podcast interviews
  • Have interviewees record themselves using an iPhone and app
  • A lot of editing for podcasts; more than just a conversation.
  • Keep your podcasts short and punchy


  • Control Everything, a bad habit that affects women more than men
  • Gym time in the morning
  • Pilates on Saturdays
  • Twice a week, spend an hour taking care of things before getting dressed

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