Marie Poulin Describes the Evolution from Designer to Strategist, and her Productivity Habits — The Busy Creator Podcast 16

The Busy Creator 16 w/guest Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin (@MariePoulin) is a Digital Strategist and Web Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Following her early work in a small Toronto-based studio, Marie set out on her own and established a solo web design practice before making a more recent transition to strategy. Marie has taken on more self-initiated projects, launching Digital Strategy School, powered by Doki, the online teaching platform she helped build. Along the way she’s become resourceful and has had to teach herself a host of new skills. Marie can be seen on her site,

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  • Be mindful of different working styles and personalities in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Facebook groups for professional insight
  • Share your behind-the-scenes process will help your peers and the industry
  • Use Wishlist to have your clients become “members”, with on-boarding and training built in
  • Set up a secret Pinterest board to collaborate with clients
  • Record your screen to teach staff necessary tasks
  • Number tasks and task components for easy organization
  • No meetings on Mondays
  • Use a Vision Board — a place to list goals for the month or year, big plans and project.


  • Take it upon yourself to learn new skills
  • Pick up good habits from the jobs you have; leave the bad ones
  • Learn best practices [for programming] from a true developer
  • Design your morning routine, even if it’s a later morning
  • Share your processes with people, even if it’s imperfect
  • Keep a “praise” folder in Evernote, email, etc.

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