Saul Colt (@SaulColt) is one of the world’s masters of word-of-mouth marketing. Over the years, he’s bolstered the reputations of his companies and clients by connecting audiences with brands, and people with people. A well-known and well-liked figure across North America, Saul has built a network of creative pros and in turn those relationships have help build his reputation.

In this discussion, we hear how Saul became a connector, how he struggled for years as a comic book writer, and how he still struggles (surprisingly) with his own shyness and fear of rejection.

Saul is now Chief Evangelist at Xero, a small business online accounting software company. Catch up with him on his blog,

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“I do more listening than talking.”

—Saul Colt

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“I want to be known for my accomplishments, not just for being the life of the party.”

—Saul Colt

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“People shouldn’t try to fail. They should try to be as awesome as possible.”

—Saul Colt

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“There’s a fine line between boldness and foolishness.”

—Saul Colt

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“If you get those ideas that are worth being fired over, you have to do those ideas.”

—Saul Colt

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  • Saul did an Evel Knievel stunt (mainly just to wear the jumpsuit)

“Everything has been done already. To think you have any original ideas is ridiculous.”

—Saul Colt

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  • Laugh-Think-Cry — Saul’s formula to include humour, insight, and emotion in any event or stunt.
  • Be “crazy with a purpose”

“Not everything measurable is great and not everything great is measurable.”

—Saul Colt

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  • Do more listening than talking
  • Fearless execution. Don’t be frightened by crazy ideas or blow-back.
  • Let others get credit, but also list your own accomplishments
  • Tell first-hand stories, it has a greater impact
  • Pick an end-goal first and work backwards
  • Pick a unifying icon or reference that can resonate with everyone
  • Vet an idea against “Laugh-Think-Cry”
  • Use your network to meet cool, interesting people
  • Always try to be home on weekends, and don’t ask people to hang (because they might say no?)


  • Carry a notebook; allow yourself to be inspired by anything
  • Email your people to get together in different cities
  • Look for odd street art and museums; treat each visit to a city as if it’s the last time you’ll be there
  • Arrive in town early and ask people if they want to hang out. Use passive aggression if necessary.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Watch a movie every day. (perhaps while exercising)
  • Wake up before 7; don’t check email in bed.
  • Scan RSS feeds, read about 1/3 of articles

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