Web Design Erica Heinz Discusses her Projects and Goes Deep into her Workflows and Tools — The Busy Creator Podcast 10

The Busy Creator 10 w/guest Erica Heinz

Erica Heinz (@ericaheinz) is a web designer in Brooklyn, NY. As a veteran freelancer, she’s work for a variety of clients and sectors, lately focusing on fast development around humanitarian and public sector projects. She’s also a teacher of web design, and of yoga. Together, Prescott and Erica discuss tools of the trade, best practices for web designers, how to continue to learn, and how to avoid becoming overwhelmed by systems. This episode features the most in-depth show notes to date, with a ton of links to websites, tools, and tips.

Show Notes & Links



  • Clarify team roles as to who does what (e.g. UX, front-end design, back-end dev.)
  • Stay ahead of the curve to avoid headache later
  • Use Post-Its on a wall; colour-code for different aspects
  • Keep a postcard wall (outside of the computer)
  • Rearrange your Top 3 on the board, use small Post-Its on top of the index cards
  • Find a set of tools that work for you. You don’t have to be up-to-date on everything.
  • Go for 80%; let go of the compulsive tweaking of the last bit.
  • Use three-letter client codes
  • Use bullets to indicate time requirements (e.g. •••big effort, •not so much)
  • Learn how to build stuff from scratch
  • Be honest about what you should be doing in each moment
  • Try yoga or breathing techniques


  • Systematize your projects for sharing and collaborating.
  • Maintain the system, but not to a crippling degree.
  • Keep email separated by inboxes
  • Keep learning. Keep updating your workflows and skills.
  • Erica’s workflow Phase 1. Content and Site Map, Brand
  • Erica’s workflow Phase 2. Visual expression, typography, and details
  • Erica’s workflow Phase 3. Development, frameworks
  • Comment your own HTML and CSS code (e.g. “// Trust me, keep this.”)
  • Change your routines every once in a while
  • Erica is a night owl, enjoys being “out of sync”
  • Break your day into 2- or 3-hour chunks
  • Keep “busy” work for later in the day, when your brain is tired

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  • Great stuff. If you’re a fan of Evernote their Web Clipper chrome extension is great to save urls, full pages, half pages, you can screen grab specific areas of a web page and mark it up as well.