User Experience Designer Walé Ogundipe Bring Us Inside Startups & Hackathons — The Busy Creator Podcast 21

The Busy Creator 21 w/guest Walé Ogundipe

Walé Ogundipe (@kopasetik) is a user experience designer who has worked in a variety of creative professions including the music industry, broadcasting, marketing, film & video, and now online and mobile application development. Lately, he’s been involved in several hackathons and embraced the philosophies if fast iteration and design sprints towards building apps for web and mobile.

In this conversation, we discuss how Walé arrived in User Experience, the point of view that a UX design takes when approaching a problem, and some books that we should all read for a better understanding of business and design.

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  • Keep snippets of code/markup for yourself in Google Keep
  • Keep your grocery list in Google Keep
  • Only work with committed people
  • Appreciate the busy season, and recover after
  • Create an “idea box” from an empty tissue box
  • Miniature check-ins with yourself (30min intervals) and with your team (120min intervals)


  • Be in constant motion
  • Put first things first
  • Take a “cheat day” for other aspects of your life. Have time to relax.

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