Todd Henry (@ToddHenry) is an author, speaker, and creative consultant who has written three books, including his newest, Louder Than Words, available August 11, 2015.

Louder Than Words book

Todd Henry’s new book, Louder Than Words

Building on his previous writing efforts, Louder Than Words is aimed at creative professionals who struggle to find significance in the larger arc of their work and careers. Together, we discuss his unwavering writing methodologies, the struggles faced by creative pros at various points in their career, and what he’s discovered in writing and publishing three related books in seven years.

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“No one sits down and writes a book. They're written in small chunks, over time.”

—Todd Henry

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  • Todd favours “regulated consistent chunking of work” as a method to write books
  • Todd does his best writing when he’s out in the environment, not locked in a room

“(Writing a book) is not painful in the way that physical labour is painful.”

—Todd Henry

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  • Louder Than Words helps us discover who we are and find our “why”
  • This latest book is written toward an “early 30-something creative professional” struggling to make his mark, and to find deeper meaning in a larger body of work

“Resonate voices are not gifted by the gods. They are honed over time through practice.”

—Todd Henry

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  • “Unicorns” make up a fraction-of-a-percent of the population
  • Prescott hates the term hustle, especially vis-a-vis lifelong perseverance

“You only move the needle in substantial ways over the course of decades.”

—Todd Henry

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“No one's career is built on one opportunity.”

—Todd Henry

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  • Write consistently everyday and strive for a word count
  • Research as you write, allow new input as the book unfolds
  • Use blocks of time for purposeful creation or writing
  • Before you build a platform, consider your voice
  • Shape your vision toward an intended audience


  • Set a daily habit of writing
  • Continue to hone your craft, as well as the deep vision. Remain competent.
  • Develop your voice, day by day, and don’t rely on bursts of “fame”

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