Felix Sockwell is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New Jersey. Following a storied early career in some of New York’s top agencies, Felix changed direction to pursue his solo practice as an illustrator. For him, setting up outside the City didn’t mean obscurity; instead, he’s developed a unique signature style and works with a varied of high-profile clients like Facebook and The New York Times.

See more of his work on his website, FelixSockwell.com

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Felix Sockwell for WQXR

Felix Sockwell for WQXR, his signature continuous-line illustration style, click to enlarge

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  • Work with a rep/agent only when it’s a really big job


  • Save tedious or intricate pieces for yourself, for later use (ex. drawings of hands)
  • Embrace the slow evolution of your own style
  • Build a personal zone, which can involve coffee, music, or weed

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