The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 43 with Designer & Creative Director Bob Calvano

The Busy Creator 43 w/guest Bob Calvano

Bob Calvano (@bobcalvano) runs the digital media & design studio for A+E Networks, and oversees the development of mobile apps, websites, interfaces, and a variety of other design elements for A+E’s brands.

This conversation discusses his origins in digital and traditional design work, how he manages a diverse team of designers and programmers, and the challenges of working in the always-changing business of television and entertainment.

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  • Use Agile framework for your design+development projects
  • Use Scrum framework to keep teams together
  • Kanban board to manage project stages
  • Mine your own data
  • Set up “teams of three”, where Art Directors work closely with a UX/UI designer and a developer
  • Turn your Project Managers into Scrum Masters on a Product Team (same thing but on a different model)
  • Use an all-digital workflow
  • Hire T-Shaped People and encourage them to grow
  • Present clickable prototypes rather than flat comps — it yields better results, even if it takes slightly longer
  • Use transit time to prepare for, and recover from, the working day. Meditate or at least mentally plan.


  • Sketch during conversations; think out loud
  • Capture and measure all possible statistics; use data & metrics to inform decisions
  • Don’t base everything off data & metrics; trust your gut as designers
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of design & digital media by going to conferences, taking classes, subscribing to magazines, take field trips
  • Wake up at 5:45
  • Eliminate Gluten & Dairy
  • Take the stairs! If you’re a commuter, they’re always right there.
  • On weekends, sleep as late as kids & dogs will allow

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